Беловежская пуща

arrowVisit the menagerie  
A major tourist attraction is the demonstration reserve in Bialowieza Forest. Here, in conditions close to natural ones visitors can get a close look at the European bison, Polish tarpan ponies, elk, deer, roe-deer, wild boars, wolves as well as “zubron” (a hybrid of European bison and farm cattle).

arrowSightsee Bialowieza  
Anyone visiting Bialowieza Forest will at some stage find themselves in the town of Bialowieza, which has some interesting sights to see. The Palace Park is home to the national park’s headquarters, as well as the Natural Education Centre, Museum of Nature and the remains of the Russian Emperor’s Hunting Residence. Going through the town, one should also stop by two churches – the United Orthodox church from the late 18th century and the Orthodox church complex from the end of the 19th century. Two cultural events of national relevance are the “Kupala Night” and the “European Bison Race”, both organised in Bialowieza.

arrowHike and bike  
There are numerous fascinating hiking trails in the region of Bialowieza Forest; however, there is the opinion that the best way to explore the area is by bike. The total length of the bike trails is approximately 300 km, and they lead through the wild backwoods of the forest as well as the charming, sleepy countryside.

arrowVisit Hajnowka  
Drop into the town of Hajnowka, which is one of the few centres of Belarusian culture in Poland, and where you can visit a museum dedicated to Belarusian culture.

arrowTravel on a narrow-gauge train   
You can take an 11-km ride from Hajnowka to Topilo on a narrow-gauge train. In Topilo, located in the middle of the forest, you will find quiet ponds that are perfect spots to relax and to have a picnic.

arrowRide a horse or in a horse-drawn carriage  
If you are confident in the saddle, you will love riding among the fields, meadows and forests of this area. At any time of the year you can take a trip to Bialowieza Forest – either on horseback or in horse-drawn carriage.

The Siemianowka Reservoir, bordering the Bialowieza Forest on the eastern side, offers the area’s best conditions for windsurfing.

Anglers crowd the Siemianowka Reservoir, the biggest regional artificial lake, looking for a chance to catch pike, perch or even carp. There are plenty of other waters of the region that are also good to fish, many of which are secluded and peaceful.

children ДЕТИ
Children will benefit a lot in terms of environmental education with a visit to the menagerie in Bialowieza Forest, as well as having fun into the bargain!